Our Fleet


Taxi Mercedes E Class

4 x , 4 x

A popular and affordable choice for the most everyday transport needs. It will accommodate four passengers, one large and two small suitcases.


Mercedes MiniVan 6

6 x , 8 x

For more than four people or for more suitcases.
Even ideal for you want comfort & space on their voyage. Up to six passengers & eight luggage


Mercedes MiniVan 8

8 x , 10 x

The issue is not just to reach your destination but also to go one step further. Eight passengers and ten suitcases.


Mercedes Sprinter 14

14 x , 18 x

The most luxurious, comfortable and economical solution for small groups or large families. Share with friends the experience of the trip, the beauty of the excursion and the expenses.


Mercedes Sprinter 20

20 x , 22 x

Our flagship. Modern, safe, affordable. For large groups of customers and corporate clients. A large luxury vehicle, which will surprise you with the very low prices we offer it. Up to 20 passengers with “many” suitcases.

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    We make sure our customers are safe and satisfied with service from the start to the finish of the journey. If you are happy with our service let your friends know, If not let us know.

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